"At Your Heart's Pace"

Ellen's book takes the essence of what she has learned over many years of study and application, sourced from many different approaches, and distills it into a way of living a spiritual life. She shows us how to use our daily lives as if we were in a retreat center, or an ashram.

We are gently encouraged to use the challenges of our relationships with family, partners, and self as opportunities to apply the exercises — to practice our spiritual intention.

The exercises can and are to be used as spiritual meditations, (heart meditations), their ultimate intention is that they be constantly applied. Thus we learn to gradually weave them into our daily life. This offers us a spiritual life that goes beyond the traditional and time-limited meditation mat and moves us from doing the practice, into being the practice.

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Drawn to a spiritual life within the life we live

It may be that at some point a spiritual life calls us into the wilderness and we are compelled to abandon society to pursue our Inner Heart's call. For the rest of us, this isn't the case or it simply isn't that easy. Yet we are drawn to live a spiritual life within the life we have. This is what Ellen means when she says "the world is our ashram." Still, we may not know where to begin or how to apply the exercises we have read. She reveals that we already have the basic skills and points out that spiritual practice happens with the same kind of dedication and commitment we use constantly in our day-to-day living.

Using the fundamental aspects of spiritual thought

Ellen has taken many of the fundamental aspects of spiritual thought, from many sources and developed practical ways to weave them into daily life. We are encouraged to gradually move from our formal practice, the heart meditation (think of sitting on a yoga mat and meditating), to an continual practice that allows us, ultimately, to constantly express it throughout the day. Thus we become the essence of the prayer, or the contemplation, or the quality. Through such an attitude and intention the challenges of living a spiritual life are demystified and offered to you in over 30 exercises as practices we gradually become.

Resistance and Negative Core Beliefs

She did not stop there. Through an additional series of exercises she addresses Resistance and Negative Core Beliefs, the limiting factors of our own consciousness which we may not realize block us from the states of love, peace and joy.

The book contains a toolkit that offers 4 helpful techniques

"At Your Heart's Pace" includes a toolkit that offers 4 helpful techniques to release resistance and reinforce your spiritual goals or intentions. Each is fully explained and offered in an abbreviated form within each group of exercises for quick reference.

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) utilizes the body's energy meridian points, similar to acupuncture or acupressure, but without the needles. It aims at removing emotional blocks and traumas (such as phobias).
  • The Releasing Technique focuses on the mental aspect of erasing resistance by removing our labels for pain and emotion and by asking pertinant questions.
  • The third is the Surrendering Technique which is taught as the spiritual releasing tool. This one is seemingly the most simple of the three but is demanding to use.
  • The fourth tool is a new look at clarifying and understanding the use of affirmation.

This all inclusive book carries with it the essence of spiritual practice, useful for either novice or adept.

What others say about Ellen and Ellen's book:

Ellen is a gentle, compassionate and gifted teacher and spiritual mentor. Her support and wisdom was instrumental to me during a very transformative time in my life. The teachings and healing work I received through Ellen served as a catalyst for my own deep healing and spiritual awakening. I credit much of my own passion for healing work to my initial experience with Ellen. I completely trust and recommend her offerings to others drawn to explore their own spiritual and healing journey.

                  Erika Caspersen

Ellen Sutherland's new book simply and beautifully resolves both issues in a very unusual and original way

Instead of opting simply for a workbook with, say, an inspirational story to make it pretty, Ellen has created a nondual fusion of practice and experience. She has taken the great contemplative traditions of today - A Course In Miracles, David Hawkins work on devotional nonduality, Emotional Freedom Technique - and recontextualized them in terms of practical ways of experiencing the truth of these teachings. Instead of interpolating her own personality, the reader immediately feels a non-personal caringness and lovingness supports the words with a sort of energy.

To get a feel for the power behind her words I recommend you visit (...) and listen to her voice. She sounds so serene.

I highly recommend this book to those who are tired of reading about spirituality, frustrated with conventional piety of religion, and want to experience the truth for themselves in themselves. Ellen's course of exercises is nothing short of transformative. I am very grateful to her for her work.

The book does not simply borrow from other traditions. It represents personal practice and mentoring of others over many years. I have benefitted from her earlier work as a spiritual tutor, and this book represents a new level of clarity and experiential access that sets it apart from the spiritual traditions of ACIM and Hawkins.

                  Andy K. (on Amazon.com)

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At Your Heart's Pace - A Heart Meditation

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